We made it to Pittsburgh with only one major kid meltdown. For a journey that started abruptly 4 days ago, I’ll take it.

The day started at 4 am due to jet lag.

We mostly had a smooth drive. Due to important restrictions in Ohio, we could only do drive through fast food. So, we went 30 mins out of the way to get to a Culver’s.

We cannot wait to say goodbye to these suitcases.

We made it to our Airbnb in Pittsburgh which is fantastic. It gave us pause to explain to the owner why we needed it and she responded with wonderful compassion. She went out of her way to do an extra good cleaning for our arrival and brought over extra board games to keep the kids busy. We can get back into our house on Friday.

Shortly after arriving, my sister-in-law was over with a giant amount of groceries.

It was really hard not to hug them!
She captured the stinky but relieved McCarthys!

Then more friends came with loads of more food, supplies, a homemade lasagna and salad. Our hearts burst open with gratitude.

A morningside delivery with appropriate distance ❤️
Keeping the rules!

I hope this is my final sign off. We are home safely and truly believe all the prayers and thoughts helped.

I am grateful for John, my partner through this all. He worked for a year and half to have the experience we talked about for the entire 20 years we have known each other. He has handled everything we have faced so well.

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