The end of the quarantine and the story?

I have waited to write a last entry with the hopes that it was an uneventful 14 days and thank God it has been.

A friend sent me an article on what feelings we have in this pandemic and it certainly nailed all the emotions I am having.

We are still mourning the trips we didn’t take and the time we lost out on in Europe. Today we would have been with friends in Barcelona. Instead, we are planning what movie to watch tonight in our basement.

We have heard from our teachers and friends in Bratislava who are all doing well. In fact, the country has managed to stay under 300 cases the last time I checked. We are really proud of how Slovakia has handled the epidemic so far.

We continue to be grateful to safely be home and are healthy. All the people we love are doing well so far also. I had a cold last week that wouldn’t relent so I was tested for Covid-19 and thankfully the results were negative.

My heart hurts for my colleagues who are going into battle everyday with an invisible enemy. I wish there was more I could do to help.

We will continue to pray and connect over technology.

In the midst of these weeks of quarantine, we have had some really nice moments.

We try to take at least one walk per day and play some backyard sports.
Science experiments, board games, reading, 90s movies and a new Ps4 are keeping us busy. Our prayer list now fills that entire board.
Getting PJ back has been a huge highlight
The quarantine life does not include shirts in Joe’s world.

We were even highlighted in a local newspaper. Real local celebrities now. 😆

There are more people than I can even count to thank. We have been shown what an amazing community of family and friends we have.

I very much enjoyed writing this blog. I loved having others read and come along on the journey. I look forward to the day when I can hug all my family and friends and then drag them out on more epic adventures.

Until then, Lord please protect the world and bring peace. 🙏🏼

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