Quarantine and early departure

We have had some really sweet times here recently. We have been staying in following all the rules Slovakia has put in place which means we have had a lot of quality time in the flat.

Now we have decided it is best to go home to the US. We will cross the border to Austria tomorrow and fly home on Sunday.

We had a nice walk today and will hold these memories close in our hearts. There are a lot of mixed emotions but we are steady in our faith and have loved this time together.

One more picture with the beloved castle

We will write about the adventure home. ❤️

3 thoughts on “Quarantine and early departure

  1. We pray for your safe journey home and sorry that it had to end under these circumstances, but it will be wonderful to see you. Be safe

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  2. Think you are making a wise choice. Sorry you have to leave early and glad you have had this quality time together. You all have learned a lot during these weeks, about the places you have been. Good thing you crammed so much into your days there 🙂 We are praying for a safe, smooth journey home for you.


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