It is a pervasive topic in our daily lives here and deserves attention.

We attempt to shield the kids from most of the news but they know.

We understand that there are 5 confirmed cases so far in Slovakia.

We are registered with the US embassy and are getting updates from them. We know what to do if any of us become ill. We are so grateful for how healthy we have been so far on this trip.

We pay attention to recommendations from the CDC and the WHO. The Fulbright commission also is keeping in contact and promise to help in whatever way we may need.

Comenius University has proactively shut down for two weeks without any confirmed cases. We plan to also keep the kids home from school and sports for at least this week.

I am in touch with my endocrinologist who is supportive and we feel ok. We plan to not attend church or other intimate gatherings.

We also did some apocalyptic (just kidding- more “fear of quarantine”) grocery shopping.

There’s a LOT of chocolate in that cart.

We are trying to make the best decisions for our family and also keeping all of those effected in our thoughts.

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