School has been good! The teachers are so kind to us, the kids are engaging with new friends (no- not Jozef and Joe. Yet.)

Lunches are incredible- here are the options and they are all homemade.
We love the C. S. Lewis coffee shop still.
I enjoy my daily cappuccino with a message.
When there is a class that Joe doesn’t attend because it is in Slovak, he does work in our assigned room. Now he likes to give me math problems.

We are paying attention to Coronavirus. We are accepting that some travel plans may have to be changed and we might not see all the places we had hoped to see on this adventure. We are registered with the US embassy and are paying attention to all notices.

In the midst of all of this, John and I had the idea to skip town and explore CV-free Slovakia. We have really wanted to get to the mountains and our tutor recommended a small Slovak village, Liptovsky Trnovec. It holds the largest water park in Slovakia and sounded like the perfect place for our family.

After much confusion with the actual hotel (the usual), John figured out we could book on Priceline. Perfect. We secured train tickets with a reserved cabin and we were off!

We absolutely love these train rides- apparently we are now color coordinating with our trains. The 4 hours went so fast that the kids felt like we didn’t get enough card playing in.
The first glimpses of snow capped mountains.

John forgot swim trunks. The hotel gift shop had American style trunks thankfully!

And we are off. In our swimwear.
Every place in Slovakia is *so* hot. Tatralandia is no exception. However, you may sit by a fire if you aren’t dehydrated enough.
The boys really wanted the feet fish bath treatment. Disgusting.
Ryan’s foot
And then John did it.

I can’t even count how many thermal pools there were! Here’s a description of the water.

One of the best features were the 6 slides. Joe conquered all of them. The most exciting slide was a “toilet bowl” slide with warm thermal water that dumps you OUTSIDE for part of the slide. Ryan took a POV (point of view) video and I’ll try to link it. Besides how fun the water slides were, we also got many steps in climbing the stairs over and over again.

The pink toilet bowl slide that sends you outside for part of it.
The outdoor thermal baths.

After a great couple hours of swimming and slides, we were headed to our cabin. In. Our. Cold. Swimwear. As many other times in Slovakia, we were met with families in full snowsuits and quizzical/judging stares. 😆

Our cabin in daylight

The main hall at the resort had a dinner of typical Slovak food. John and I never get sick of borscht.

After dinner, the kids headed to a 5D showing of a movie with no words (aka no Slovak). They loved it and watched it several times.

Before bed, Veronica asked if we could wake up at 5:30 am and watch the sunrise over the mountains. I don’t want to say no to anything she invites me to- so we headed to bed early.

She popped out of bed at 5:30, got me up and we dressed for a hike and some beautiful views. Except, instead we were met by a very pgh morning- very cold rain/snow and serious wind. We walked for a bit and she turned to me and said she wanted to go back to her warm bed. I also did not say no to that.

Sadly today was full of clouds and so we didn’t get to fully appreciate the mountains. This town is also very car centric. There is so much skiing and hiking- but you must get to it by car. But, we had a plan for another great day and moved on.

Not at 5:30 am

We had a delicious buffet breakfast and then planned to split up. Tatralandia has a “Celtic Sauna World.” For $14 USD, V and I had the very best 3 hours in there. Since no phones are allowed, I must screen shot some pics of the saunas and whirlpools we visited.

V really liked this- you walk in a circle and awaken your feet with hot and cold water and massage from the rocks.
This was our favorite!! This was outside on the roof with an amazing view of the mountains. Next to it was another beautiful sauna with all glass to see the mountains. And then there was the “fountain of courage”- a cold bath that you jump into to cool yourself down. We did them all!

We met back up with the boys for lunch. I had a different version of borscht which was also delicious but odd at a water park? The kids wanted to take on the hamster wheel. It was hilarious.

After the hamster wheel, I grabbed my camera to take some pics outside in the thermal baths.

Ryan shot about 1,000 times minimum.
Joe also had some mad dunking skills
V and I played lots of water volleyball.

After many hours of swimming, we headed out to change and head into town. V grabbed some mountain pics one last time.

The town was pretty quiet for a Friday night. We did find a truly American restaurant called “Route 66” and enjoyed some fried fish, steak and some odd chicken nuggets. After, we walked around the town for a bit.

We were so happy to find “Central Perk” only to be met with seriously judgy stares as brought our kids into a …. hookah bar. We realized and left.

Back at the resort, one endearing employee had nearly begged us, in his words- The American Family- to join a “wine event” in the evening. We said- oh we can’t, we have our kids. That was met with- oh we have activities for your kids! So, we obliged. As it was starting, we heard that we should be on time for the “lecture.” We were sure that we had stumbled upon a vacation package selling lecture and were laughing at what we had gotten ourselves into. Our kids were whisked into the adjacent room set up with the movie Aladdin in Slovak. They were great sports. We sat quietly at a table listening to a lecture in Slovak and finally broke the ice with our Czech neighbors when they started laughing as John accepted a refill from the server of wine- except we were at a wine tasting and you can’t mix wines. We had a really fun conversation with them and they asked if would have pizza with them afterwards. It was 9. And our family was exhausted. We enjoyed a couple more tastes of Slovak wines and delicious cheese and headed back to our cabin.

We attempted the scoring system with our friends help.

Tomorrow we will head to the second largest city in Slovakia, Košice.

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