The McCarthys apparently aren’t so good at chilling.

Last night Ryan had basketball practice. It was especially fun because they moved it to the Inter Bratislava court. I was on basketball duty and planned to get some work done. Instead, I was thoroughly entertained by the hard workout the coach put them through.

Running the bleachers, planks, pushups etc etc.

Later, the IB team and coaches came for their practice but spent quite a while warming up and watching our kids practice. It was something that made Ryan just light up.

You can see the IB coaching standing and watching.

We wanted to celebrate the week and meet out after practice at a restaurant that came very highly recommended, Bratislavský meštiansky pivovar (it is a brewery). The food was delicious and the restaurant was beautiful.

We ate all the cheese
V’s ribs and peppers
So much schnitzel

I woke up today and got a quick run in. During the run, I thought about the day and the fact that last weekend, V’s backpack was lost on a train or in a train station and not recovered. She’s handled it really well- but there were clothes in the backpack that she had saved up for and bought by herself in the US.

Before we the left the US, V and I daydreamed of a day trip to Vienna. When I got home from the run, I double checked the status of coronavirus (please don’t worry about us- we are watching it closely), and then suggested we go. Everyone wanted to come. After quick showers, we were off to Vienna!

It is only an hour by train so the boys were quickly taking in the first views of Vienna!
Daydream realized
One of the beautiful churches we stopped in today.
For our friends the DeRose family back in Pgh- and they actually are in the biz!
Each street was more beautiful than the next- the architecture was breathtaking.
The Habsburg Palace
A sculpture of birth
V wouldn’t pass up a macaron.

Here’s one of the hard things about diabetes- you have plan for exercise. I know how to manage this. But we couldn’t quite find John and the boys and it led to more walking than I expected. When we found each other and planned to climb the steps to this tower, I was 69 ⬇️⬇️.

My family is patient and kind and all waited while my delicious German gummy bears took effect before we took on this tower.

It was another intense climb.

360 of these

And well worth the views!

Here is the description of the tower and of that beautiful roof on top of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

The view from below
And inside
Yep. That’s the status quo now.
Enjoying more delicious bakery
Even the train station is beautiful

It was a short trip since we wanted to see the Inter Bratislava team play a home game at night. So we caught a train back to Bratislava. We will be back to Vienna for sure!

V loves this hand-me-down shirt from her Pap who ran this race in the early 80s.

The boys and I left straight from the Bratislava train station to get to the IB game. Ryan had plans to meet up with a boy from basketball. It turns out that Ryan’s new friend also has a little brother who is 8. In about 3 seconds, the boys were flipping bottles, laughing and enjoying each other.

After the game, the boys’ mom and 15 year old sister came to pick them up. Even though English is their second language (or one of their 4 second languages), we quickly hit it off. We plan to meet up tomorrow so the boys can play deck hockey (ha- this will be new) and so the girls can….chill?

On our way home from the game, Pap started giving us intense text updates from Ryan’s playoff game back at home. We were on the edge of our seats. We arrived back at the apartment for overtime and Pap allowed us to see the rest of the game on FaceTime. We felt like we were there and are so proud of their really big win!!

So. Tomorrow we will chill.

3 thoughts on “Chilling

  1. What a wonderful day. I loved the pictures of Vienna too. The picture of v in paps shirt is awesome. The game today was a real nail biter . So glad you made new friends. Love, mom mc

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