Jozef and Joe

We all survived week one of school!

There were good times, some bad times and mostly ok times – which I consider a win.

My 2nd grade classes have been super interesting! (“super” translates here as “good” so we hear it all the time- sometimes I stop and wonder if I’m in WI?).

I learned all about the complexities of recycling in Slovakia and am impressed by the effort made here.

Everyday, I am completely in awe of teachers. It is a hard job!!

Joe taught more new vocabulary to his class- “prison,” “containers” and reviewed again “death traps, work out gyms and six packs.” He also explained his Bull Boys group to the class.

Next week, his teacher wants him to give a presentation on himself and also the animals at the Pittsburgh zoo.

The most entertaining social experiment of the week has been the alpha male dance between “Jozef” and Joe.

To protect his privacy, “Jozef” isn’t his real name and I won’t include any pictures. However, “Jozef” is Joe’s Slovak counterpart.

He loves to chat up his classmates, he sports a phohawk, clearly is a class clown and loves beatboxing (and talking when the teacher is talking).

His dad is British and so he speaks English perfectly, however he chooses not to unless forced to by his teacher.

He looks over at Joe a lot. Joe side-eyes back at him. Joe almost always has the right answers in English classes and Jozef would like a quick peek to see if his are also correct but Joe quickly covers them up. They have been given assignments together yet they refuse to speak to each other.

One day after class, Joe’s teacher asked me to stay and apologized to me for how chatty the class was and to tell me how well behaved Joe is. I told her- I have to be honest, Joe acts a lot like Jozef in the US. I’m afraid that when/if they become friends, the chatting could get worse.

One day on the way home this week, Joe was describing Jozef to his siblings. V remarked, “he sounds exactly like you Joe.” Joe furrowed his eyebrows and declared, “we will not become friends.”

I was telling the story of Joe and Jozef to my family and someone compared this relationship to the movie “Stepbrothers.”

I just have a feeling the story will end this way.

For now, the alpha male dance continues.

We were happy to finish up Friday and although this is what my cappuccino cup said…

I am not “shutting up” about how this week was mostly a success.

The bus left us off at the tram stop after school but the kids wanted to instead walk through old town.

Ryan was so happy to give Budapest bear a sibling.

“I love Bratislava”

There was some serious hail and the kids embraced it (whereas I really wanted to hustle home).

We are looking forward to a chill weekend!

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