Snow day!

Our tutor couldn’t come to school today so we pretended it was a snow day!

After lounging, some cleaning and laundry, it was clear that the boys needed a walk. I offered a McDonalds treat and they were pumped. After lunch, we noticed the old market was open- it was filled with food trucks!

Philly cheesesteaks with cheese wiz!
Their food truck game is 🔥

Outside the boys ran off some energy. That eventually turned into wrestling WWE style.

That’s my life with two boys. As it usually does, this ended with tears because of an accidental finger to the eyeball. The make up part is so sweet.

They claimed I tricked them with the McDonalds offer because I hit up the grocery store and had 4 extra hands to carry groceries.

Joe had another good basketball practice with a “new friend!”

We found an English service tonight which was nice for the whole family. At the end of Lent, the Fleming’s will arrive and we are all looking forward to that!!

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