Prepáč Petržalka

I am sorry Petržalka!

The boys were done with school by lunchtime today. I cannot tell a lie, it was a less smooth day and the boys were happy to come home for lunch. This is to be expected and we have a plan to work out the harder aspects.

V, as before, was having another good day and so she was happy with the plan for me to take the boys home and come back for her at the end of the day.

Since I needed to get a run in, I decided to run to get her from school. I dialed up the directions, put in my earbuds and allowed google to guide me without thinking.

The first thing I encountered was the tram bridge. It is only for trams, bike lanes and pedestrians.

When I entered the bridge, I did notice that a lot of the pedestrians were on the other side of the bridge, but there were no signs guiding anyone anywhere (lack of details). Then I realized that the side of the bridge I was on converted to only bike lanes and there were some serious cyclists on it. There was no choice for me but to keep running and I’m sure I was scolded in Slovak but I kept my head down.

The directions took me to this fantastic path through Petržalka.

Under a bridge
A swan!
The path eventually connects back up with the Danube River
More swans

This path went on for miles and there were so many people out. Petržalka shows off its inner beauty on this path and I do feel badly for my initial impression.

One thought on “Prepáč Petržalka

  1. The cruise along the Danube was beautiful from beginning to end so I am not surprised at the views from your run. You certainly have been active since you left Pittsburgh. You probably need a day of rest!!


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