First official day of school

I went back to second grade.

This was maybe the most talked about aspect of our adventure before we left- me going to school.

There are no first day pictures. I was nervous like them but there were no tears.

We arrived and the lead English teacher and our tutor were ready and welcoming which put us all at ease. We went to a room designated for us which would be home base.

We went through the schedule for each kid and everything was becoming clearer. Joe and I went off to his first class together!

We couldn’t quite get lunch at school figured out and since it was the first day back from their holiday, the back up cafe also wasn’t stocked. The boys (and I ha) had a longer break for lunch so I said I would take them out to grab food in the neighborhood.

The school is located in an interesting part of Bratislava, called Petražalka. Petražalka was a labor camp for Hungarian Jews in World War II. In 1945, 90% of those Jews were sent to internment camps and it was annexed by Bratislava in 1946. In 1977, construction of paneláks began. Paneláks means “pre-fabricated sections house” and are a highly visible reminder of the Communist era (thanks Wikipedia).

Petražalka is the most densely populated borough in Central Europe and maybe on the continent.

It’s not very pretty. And it isn’t easy to get around. But, it is very safe and houses the school that has been so good to us.

There was actually a little bit of green space here.

We finally just ended up at a grocery store because we knew that all the grocery stores have amazing bakeries with the ham bread and pizza bread.

We made it back in time to say hello to Veronica who reported she was having a really good day. Her last class was PE and they played basketball so she felt right in her comfort zone.

As we were leaving, one girl ran to catch up to us to say goodbye to V and meet her little brothers. I asked Joe what he thought about the day and he declared, “I loved it!” Even Ryan admitted that it wasn’t terrible.

Here’s a “day #1 down” pic of them at the bus stop.

7 thoughts on “First official day of school

  1. I love reading your blog Ann! Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences!!! It made me smile reading that V felt more at ease when she got to play basketball in PE, you know I’m partial to that subject:)

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