First day of the semester

John headed out this morning ready to take on his first day.

It dawned on me that I really can’t imagine doing my job in another country. I don’t know that I really understood how much the nuance matters – how to find your classroom, plug in your computer with a converter (I may have seen a spark one time when I plugged in his computer), and manage a room of students who will learn in their second language at the graduate level.

I give John a lot of credit for hardly showing any anxiety about all of this (likely how I missed that today was a big deal). All of this is to say- it was a great first day. He has no funny stories to share because it was smooth sailing.

John and Ryan are the two McCarthys who have hit the “smile for a pic” wall so there is no first day of school pic. All of us were so grateful for a great day for him. We are also appreciative of how hard he works and how little attention he calls to himself.

That being said, I was back to my very mediocre job of attempting to further learning at home. I also spent quite a while trying to create a mediocre but requested lasagna.

I miss my Pyrex

Our friends are back from Prague so we met up by the river at a park to run off some energy.

The big girls missed each other soooo much so they headed off for a coffee together and we are so excited to host V’s first sleepover in Slovakia.

I took the boys to Ryan’s practice and coach allowed Joe to play because so many kids were missing due to the spring break for schools.

Joe was a little undersized for the 3 on 3 match.

After practice, we had to pop in to say hi to our friend Maro, who has been so kind and inviting to the kids. Today, I asked for a pic. Joe is now a giant kebab fan too.

One thought on “First day of the semester

  1. So proud of you John. Ann is right. You never call attention to yourself . I Thank God, Ann tells us of your accomplishments or we wouldn’t know. So glad your first day went so well. So grateful for the good days for the kids and V’s first sleepover. Love , mom mc

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