Devín Castle

We started the day with the same schoolwork battle, cooking and cleaning. Ryan asked to explore Devín castle in the afternoon and since it was a beautiful day, we were all game. For just $2 Euro each, we had the privilege of climbing another giant hill to a castle.

As we got off the bus, the kids saw the castle high up in the distance and in unison whined, “Really mom?!” Haha. Yes really.
Budapest Bear is becoming very good at climbing.
In honor of the end of the Velvet Revolution
Roman ruins
Seeing the kids’ reactions to these views are actually better than seeing them for myself.
Another similarity to Pittsburgh
There wasn’t a drop off here even though it looks like it.

So I’m not going to lie, these climbs are physically challenging but managing 7 year-old Joe McCarthy on the top proves to be the most challenging. He loves to run and jump and tackle his brother. This means I am hyper-vigilant to prevent him from his own self!

This picture cracks me up.

Slovaks seem to like their environments very warm! For instance, every time we are out, most kids are in full snowsuits. Inside, we are usually peeling clothes off and our American friends coined the term “Slovak hot.” You must be prepared for it at all times- on the train, in a restaurant, etc. Since my kids are not kids that get cold, they wear shorts out in 50 degree weather.

Again, Slovaks are generally shy but when the kids have been out in their shorts, Slovak women have commented to me in Slovak but quickly figuring out I wouldn’t understand and then delivering the question “where are their clothes?!”

There are so many things that remind me of my Slavic mom and grandma and this is definitely one of them!

If you zoom in, you can see the bundled up girls shocked at Joe in his hoodie and shorts.
Quick stop at a playground in Old Town on our way home (after some gelato).

We had a nice night. It is always nice when there isn’t school back home and the kids can connect- this kind of contact makes them especially happy.

I planned to end the blog here today. But I think this next picture is too funny. John finished up working and we headed to the grocery store together. I am now so much smarter and bring my backpack for groceries. When unpacking, I found the missing “pizza dog” from yesterday. Ryan’s eyes lit up and asked me to heat it up. I understand that many people would be horrified by this, but meat in bread sits out in bakeries all over the place and Ryan has completely embraced this food. So, I said to myself, “when in Slovakia…,” I heated it up and it made his night. 😆

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