Close to the sun and Valentine’s Day

February 13th, our neighbors and good friends celebrated the life of their daughter. It was a hard day to not be with them.

She loved the sun and so to commemorate her life, we decided to hike up as close to the sun as possible. There is a part of town called Koliba and it has a giant TV tower that can be seen from almost everywhere.

Zoomed in from our bedroom window.

When we arrived, we assumed there was an observation deck. There is a hotel inside so we went to ask. The receptionist told us that the only option was getting a juice at the restaurant.

We coaxed Joe in the elevator (he’s declared he’s never going back) and made it up to the restaurant. We stepped off the elevator into a likely 4 or 5 star restaurant in our muddy shoes and backpack. The kids were immediately drawn to the windows and the server allowed us to have a table. A couple who looked like they were out for a fancy early Valentine’s Day meal moved away.

The floor rotates while you eat. We made a 360 loop while we ate dessert.
Looking at Austria

We headed back down spending time talking about our friends back home.

Joe had a chance to be as loud as he wanted to be.
Budapest bear on the bus ride home.

Earlier in the day, I had stopped into the butcher on our block. They were so sweet to me even though we faced the language barrier. I left with fresh ground beef and pork (and way more then I thought I was ordering;). I had made soup for us and the kids loved the meatballs. I will definitely be back.

I took Ryan to his basketball practice which I enjoyed watching. There wasn’t much English but LOTS of running and footwork drills.

The kids were tired. I think his job is to run them to exhaustion for their parents? It was awesome. They scrimmaged at the end and the boys love having Ryan- offering to exchange numbers and happy to have him on their team.

Outside the arena is a kebab stand where Joe and John had already made friends with the owners. They told us to stop in. It was delightful and I have a feeling we will be regulars. Maro explained to Ryan that he is a foreigner too and he knows what Ryan feels like. He joked with him and then made him the best gyro Ryan has had in his life. (This was a pre dinner snack).

We woke up yesterday to more school battles and requests (demands?) for Valentine’s Day treats. I promised a visit to a candy store we have walked by many times. We suffered through enough work and cleaned the house together.

Then the owner of our flat and realtor came over to visit. They were delightful. Most people here will only rent a minimum of a year so we were grateful that the owner made an exception for us. After that, the kids and I headed to Old Town while John went back to work.

The candy store was hilarious.

Marshmallow mushrooms?
Gummy over easy eggs
Gummy dentures, eyeballs and tennis balls.

You just never know! The kids loved it.

We then met up with John at our friends’ favorite pizza shop so far.

It was delicious. John is so much embracing Slovak food that he had their version of Halusky instead of pizza.

We had some pretty great laughs about the idea of Joe and his Uncle Joe getting Mohawks together this summer. Uncle Joe had sent us some screen shots of texts confirming that Joe indeed has his heart set on a Mohawk.

Joe keeps us all laughing.

The walk home had John and Ryan talking a mile a minute about cities. V and Joe were in deep talking about Mohawks and V getting her hair highlighted (that would ONLY BE FAIR!)

It is likely that Bratislava bear will join our family and Budapest bear soon.

I will remember this Valentine’s Day. It was a special one. Tonight John and I will go on our first date in Bratislava while V babysits.

*there have been no hair promises made. 😆

3 thoughts on “Close to the sun and Valentine’s Day

  1. What a beautiful way to remember your dear friends. How blessed the kids are to have you and john for parents. The examples you are for them and the life lessons they are experiencing will be gifts forever. Love, mon mc

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post. Can you blog about your normal life when you return? 🙂

    We had delish haluski Christmas Eve. Happy the kebab was great! That stuff is the *best.*

    They have gummi over easy eggs in Amish country, maybe it’s an Old World thing?

    The butcher story makes me remember Lucy in Germany, repeating “I want sausage! I want sausage!!” until whatdayaknow, they gave us samples of meat.

    We will keep your friends in our prayers.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah- life at home is not quite so exciting! Kebabs are the best- in fact, there isn’t much we don’t like to eat here. No way about Amish over easy gummies?! Who knew!
      I think about you being in Germany often. Your kids actually learned the language though. This one is tough!!

      Thanks for keeping our friends in prayer. They appreciate that! Sending love to you all! ❤️


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