The Magic Broom

Something is going on at home in the states about the brooms magically standing? I don’t know but I started out the morning planning to clean the floors and my broom kept getting swiped by the kids for magic tricks and pictures.

It summed up our day- we had minimal fighting about schoolwork, V helped me to do a big (4 bag) grocery shopping trip (I got smart and put 8 lbs of whole chickens wrapped in a plastic bag in my backpack), then we cooked and cleaned. I figured converting recipes in teaspoons/tablespoons to grams was a good (and tasty) math lesson?

And. Magic.

Two different coffee cakes – inspired by all the insanely delicious bakery around us.

I couldn’t pass up whatever this roll of deliciousness was at the grocery store…

And no, there is not enough magic here for me to learn how to make nutrolls

After a day of mostly peace and harmony, John came home to take Joe to his basketball practice/meeting with the coach.

Arriving to practice with swagger.

Unlike yesterday, Joe’s coach does not speak English. And John was also not welcome to stay for practice. Joe was still younger than the kids but it sounded like he was able to hang skill-wise.

John managed one pic.

He left practice happy! We asked if he understood anything they said and he shrugged and said, “nope!”

The parenting difference has become very apparent here. Children as young (and younger?) than Joe ride transit all the time unaccompanied. There are no parents to be found at any of these practices – there is hands down no hovering at all that we have witnessed.

We are able to laugh at our American selves as we attend all practices and peek through windows if not invited in.

On that note, this city is incredibly safe. The crime statistics are so low and generally I have never come close to feeling unsafe (except with a few Uber drivers fast maneuvering!).

I wanted to sweep up one more time before shutting down the kitchen lights tonight and literally just turned around to find the boys….

Making magic happen.

I’m pretty sure Joe had a shirt on at some point today? 🤔 #homeschooling

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