Back in Bratislava

We woke up after a great night of sleep. We all agreed that the thermal baths helped us to recover from all the hiking and walking and can’t wait to visit the thermal baths/spas in Slovakia.

We said goodbye to Budapest, grateful for an amazing visit and boarded the train.

The trip felt so quick, maybe because the intense card games made time fly.

We arrived back at our apartment and had regular duties to fulfill- grocery shopping, laundry and cooking.

I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to pause my career and one thousand mile per hour life to be here. And that gift opens up space in my mind to process the little things in life here.

Everything is seemingly done with more thought and attention. For instance, no one I know has dryers. I’m so grateful for a washing machine in our flat but I must plan for 12-24 hours of drying time!

Clothes are always drying in our room.

It makes me question- is this really that dirty?! At home, if the kids threw clothes in the dirty pile, I would wash it without thinking.

As I’m sure I’ve commented, there are water conscious toilets everywhere. I haven’t seen a toilet that uses nearly the amount of water we use at home.

The grocery store is a wonderful and terrifying place. Wonderful in that we haven’t ever had better butter, better bakery and more access to delicious fresh food. We have noticed very little preservatives and packaged food. The check out line is still anxiety producing even though we come prepared.

The eggs, of which we buy many, often still have feathers.

And 18 cost about $3

We notice that everyone (including us) frequent the grocery store. No one checks out more than 10-20 things at a time. And there are corner stores with fresh food as well. We think about how much food we are buying because we must walk it all home and up our 4 flights of steps.

We love the public transit and the train systems. In Budapest, we were able to buy 24 hour unlimited family transit passes for $10. The trams, busses and subways come every 2-5 mins and at most 10 minutes which means in all of our travels, we are never waiting long. They are clean and quiet (which leads to us shushing our kids constantly) but we enjoy traveling this way so much.

These subways in Budapest were built in the late 1800s

In all the places we have been, Sunday’s are so quiet. I like to imagine that families and friends are worshipping and spending quality time together. Life in general seems to be slower here- but again that could be because of our circumstances.

We will spend the day at school tomorrow. The kids are understandably nervous. We are encouraging them to keep an open mind.

3 thoughts on “Back in Bratislava

  1. School will be awesome for the kids. Tell them I said so! 😉 . And I may be the only one in my neighborhood who has a clothes dryer! US life spoiled me- I cannot stand towels that are air dried. I need them warm and fluffy and out of the drier. 😀

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