Budapest is the bomb part II!

We had a great second day here. People have been telling me to visit Budapest since my friend Ellen and I traveled in Europe almost 20 years ago. It has lived up to all the hype.

We started the morning by going to Hero Square.

The kids dancing with their shadows.

Right behind Hero Square is City Park. It is a beautiful, big park with an ice skating rink and the Museum of Agricultural History. Thankfully, I got out of ice skating by offering over priced street donuts.

Scary statue of the Hungarian named Anonymous and three impersonators.

My time of asking for pics from the kids is running out.

But this park was beautiful. And there were dogs everywhere so we had to make a quick stop to greet them.

We grabbed some lunch (Ryan housed some goulash) and we wanted to walk over the chain bridge to the castle.

We promised no hills today. But….. the incline line was long and the kids loved the challenge of this hill.

This took teamwork and grabbed a lot of attention and dirt.
But once again, was worth the view! Ryan wants these to be named “Budapest Bear.”

At the top, we visited the history of Hungary museum and it was fascinating.

This chapel is from the 14th century.
Joe was done with museums by this point.
It is so awesome to stop in a museum and see this view.
One last smile before descending.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading to the Budapest grand finale…the thermal baths.

The Palatinus is the only family friendly thermal bath (that we could find) and is located on the fantastic Margaret Island.

There are no cars allowed at all on the island. You can take a city bus however which drops you off right at the front door!

There is a small kid area- these baths are about 90 or so degrees.
These are the adult only indoor baths.

But after just a brief cold walk outside, the most wonderful outdoor baths awaited us!

These were about 97 degrees and fantastic!!
I love this picture.

Next to this giant thermal bath is another thermal bath for lap swimming (which I did not do;)

We stayed until closing time and enjoyed every minute of it! We would highly recommend this to families visiting Budapest.

We caught the bus home, ate some more food, wished our sweet nephew and cousin, Jon a happy 4th birthday and are tucked in for the night.

We had an amazing time in the bomb city of Budapest but are so happy to head “home” to Bratislava tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Budapest is the bomb part II!

  1. Dear family , what an amazing time in Budapest. I can’t imagine all you have seen and experienced . Sleep well and we’ll look forward to your return to your Bratislava home. Love snd prayers, mom mc

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  2. Loving every post, Anne. I’m planning our trip to Ireland this summer and I might solicit your advice on dealing with younglings on a museum marathon.

    Liked by 1 person

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