Budapest is the bomb!!

The Cordova McCarthys looooove Budapest!

After some delicious coffee, we headed out to explore the city.

Outside the door of our Airbnb.

We must first give credit to Veronica who figured out the family 24 hour public transit pass. The time has come that they may understand public transit better than us.

With our pass in hand, we headed up to Fisherman’s Bastion. It was a long set of steps up to the top with rewarding views.

This was the first of a few giant climbs today.
St. Matthias Church
It was hard to get them to turn around because the views were breathtaking.

We decided to ascend the tower of St. Matthias and unlike Munich, the winding staircase was very narrow and steep. V thought she might need to turn around a few times and I was so proud of her for making it to the top- and for everyone making it back down (actually scarier).

One of the enormous bells on the way up. They ring loudly every hour.
From the tower
The descent
She did it!
Joe asked for a selfie ❤️

After all that climbing, we had a delicious lunch.

Look how cute the “toilety“ is- and the designer, Thomas Crapper and Company.

Next, we headed to a Labyrinth where Dracula was imprisoned. This proved to be a family fail.

This is the only picture I have of the Labyrinth in the caves that were dark and scary with some wax figures and dark music. Joe asked me to beeline out of there and the rest were not far behind us. So the picture sums up the experience.
The way down from Fisherman’s Bastion.

We decided to next head over to Gellért Hill to climb up to Citadella. The Liberty Statue sits atop the hill and commemorates the liberation of Hungary during WWII. The kids were, for the first time, declining to climb another mountain on this trip. Thankfully, our Airbnb owners guided us to the best way to ascend which included several wonderful parks.

They were trying to figure out how to launch each other off. I appreciated the break from trying to keep them somewhat quiet.
Going off the paths proved to help the climb.
Getting there
We made it!

We could not believe the views.

It’s true
Enjoying hot chocolate
And warm mulled wine

We stayed for a long time because we all enjoyed the atmosphere so much.

But it was time to head down to the Central Market Hall for souvenirs and authentic food.

The descent landed Joe with a scraped knee but he felt like it made his warrior facade more believable.

On the way, V had to urgently use the toilety, and although we advised against it, she waltzed right into a dental office and sweet-talked her way into using their bathroom. We are impressed by these kids every day.

In awe looking up at the Liberty Statue, which was our second big climb of the day.
Central Market Hall
Grammy’s pig-in-a-blankets!
More Goulash- Ryan finally tried it and loves it.

Our next destination was the Ferris Wheel. Ryan and I were the only takers for that one but Ryan was really excited to do it.

On the way…this city just keeps on sparkling!
Joe, John and V are on the ground in this picture.

And the end of the night brought, once again, traditional chimney cakes. They certainly deserved a treat after the crazy amount of walking, playing and climbing today.

Tomorrow we are planning a family-friendly thermal baths and visiting the castle and parliament.

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