We had a full day…

We started the morning off with some schoolwork and packed up for our weekend trip. V had been craving bacon and so I said I would cook up our eggs and the bacon I bought for a big meal before our busy day. Everyone was so excited.

The pan was warm and the bacon was in….and it wasn’t looking right.

I looked back at the package. It sure looked like bacon.

Then I pulled up good ol’ google translate…


Well I’m not one to quit so I kept with it until the end. Ryan was still excited.

The taste test revealed no salt whatsoever (who knew how very important salt is in bacon?!). We decided to fix that by putting some sea salt on top and getting morning protein in!

Around this time, John sent me a text from his quick stop to the grocery store while out. He was looking for a certain kind of bread. This one is not it apparently.


Next we headed off to another mall (to V’s delight), which also had a really great playground outside. We grabbed a few things (they have grocery stores in malls) and met our friends to play for a bit.

You might not see Ryan in a picture for a while.

After playing, we headed home to eat some lunch and catch a 2 pm train.

❤️ During this time, we received difficult news from home and are holding our close friends so tightly in our hearts. I knew that it would be so hard to be away at times and this is definitely one of those times. Thankfully, we have a beautiful community that is rallying around them and reassuring me that they are enveloped in love and support. ❤️

We just made the train and had a quiet ride out of the country.

We made it to Budapest and everyone groaned as I made them walk to our Airbnb. It’s become a joke that apparently I say too often, “we are are almost there,” and I’m losing my credibility.

The Airbnb is adorable with wonderful owners.

Bonus: house shoes included

We headed right out to a Hungarian restaurant right by our Airbnb. John and I were so happy to eat traditional Hungarian food. V found a random meal she begged for and the boys fell back on their beloved schnitzel.

After dinner, the kids begged to have a dessert they saw on our walk. We looked them up- they are called “chimney cakes” and we found a spot close by that was closing so we ran over. The owners were very kind as the kids changed their orders about 25 times.

It is basically a donut cone that holds ice cream, etc. They are delicious. And you can see how the shoe tying is holding up by the end of the day.

We are settled in for the night and excited to explore tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Budapest

  1. If you have a LIDL near by you may be able to find bacon there- though I am shocked you did not find it as TESCO- thats a british chain and they eat bacon! 😀


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