Super Bowl Monday

Today was a day to buckle down on schoolwork and look forward to an afternoon visit with friends and then an American Super Bowl party.

So it turns out, I’m not a great elementary teacher. But we have to get something started before school starts up in a couple weeks. The teachers at home gave me some great direction and I started the morning with gusto.

By noon, it had devolved into Ryan painting Joe’s watercolor book (you use water to uncover an already painted page), V painting with actual watercolors and telling me it was art class and Joe back to his Eiffel Tower antics. There are no pictures.

We ate lunch, John came home from working and we met our partner American family for a field trip to get monthly bus/tram passes. One of the lovely staff from the Fulbright office offered to take us because we have already been unsuccessful x 2.

We met up at the Fulbright office and headed to the bus station. Each of these trips eventually end in hilarity. We were guided through the process and successfully obtained bus passes.

Joe getting his picture taken.

There was an incredible amount of talking in Slovak to the point where I asked Suzana how I possibly could have gotten that done without her to which she responded “it is likely not possible.” The next question we had was how to secure train tickets out of Bratislava. There was so much more talking in Slovak, confusion between reservations and tickets (those are two completely separate things) and finally a solution.

Our friends hadn’t secured their kids’ free in-country train passes and so after we bid farewell to Suzana, we offered to walk with them to the train station since we had conquered this one (remember the photo booth??)

It’s true!

We went exactly to the same spot we secured ours, we did exactly the same process and they were denied. They were denied at two more places and at one point, both families erupted in laughter. They were eventually successful and we all celebrated.

Sweet, sweet victory!

We headed home to get ready for the Super Bowl party. We arrived at 6, ready for the game!

It started at 7.

So we listened to some very eclectic music with interesting music videos while we ate and looked at the beautiful view.

People started to arrive around 6:40. The first guy through the door was decked out in Packer gear. It turns out he’s from Wausau (not far from my hometown).

He came with a hilarious 6’9 guy from Lithuania who loooooves basketball and I’m quite positive might be best friends with John and Ryan by now.

The second round of people arrived and John introduced himself- Hi, I’m John and I’m from Pittsburgh. One of the guys goes- me too. John says, oh where? I’m from Highland Park. He goes, me too! He actually is from the street that PJ is living on now. And, he grew up with Doug, our partner family’s dad. Their parents are close. The world is literally so small.

Joe wasn’t into it.
Ryan was- and see the other guy with the Packer gear?! Only WI sports teams represented tonight. 😆

Joe and V made it through the halftime show and wanted to head out.

The party from the outside looking in.

John and Ryan are still there. Everyone here is settled in for the night and I’m about to find out what happened in the game.

We decided today to head to Budapest on Thursday before John starts teaching and the kids start school. (That was the result of my inability to stay focused this morning). God bless all teachers and homeschooling/unschooling parents!!

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Monday

  1. It was a great game and i was so happy Kansas city won. The young quarterback is really good. I don’t know if you know but our president thinks they are from kansas. Love , mom


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