Normal life (?) day #1

We woke up today feeling like it was a normal Sunday. I have a half marathon in 9 (😬) weeks so I was excited to head out to the Danube River. This run was beautiful- 50 degrees and great sights. My friend, Melissa, pushed me to see Pittsburgh differently on our training runs last year and now I’m excited to see Bratislava and more this way. Just 5 miles up this river is Austria! However, I didn’t make it that far today.

I can’t wait for a night out there!
I have no idea what this symbolizes but that is one badass pregnant mama.
There are so many bridges! I could theoretically run to Hungary this way.
This ice rink is a 1/3 of a mile from our flat and V is dying to go.

I got back home and we all headed out to English mass in old town. They strictly don’t allow pictures so you’ll have to believe me that the inside was spectacular. It was also surprisingly small which gave it a very community-oriented feeling.

We usually go to brunch with Melissa’s family on Sunday’s and although we are trying to eat at home, the kids really wanted to attempt brunch. As things often go, there was disagreement and therefore V and I headed to Urban house with an eclectic menu while the boys went to….McDonalds.

This place is super hip.
V’s lemonade and her picture taking skills
My avocado bread and bacon- not pictured, the glass of ice V asked for 😆. Ice is not a regular thing so far.

We met back up with the boys and took advantage of the beautiful weather to walk on the same path. Joe found a model of 18th century Bratislava (called Pressburg then).

This is where the Super Bowl party for Americans will be held tomorrow!

Please don’t text us about the game (🤣). We are going to try to stay off of social media and enjoy the game tomorrow evening with other Americans.

Joe’s imaginary world – something important was happening in his imagination here and we all waited until the battle concluded or the fortress was built? No one can quite keep up.
More exploring but some understandable unwillingness now to pose for more pics.
So now I will record the sights with the backs of my beloved family members. (I didn’t even know he was standing there;). This is St. Martin’s Cathedral – the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Bratislava and the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1563 to 1830. We didn’t see the inside because the sightseeing desires were fading.

We headed home on the tram and let the kids connect with friends online back in the apartment. John and I headed out for more groceries (which is a daily event?!).

This felt like a date since we have had intense family time for two weeks now. I was SUPER proud of my check-out line skills today. John compared the check out line to The Keystone Kops. Link here for those of you (like me) didn’t understand the reference.

That’s right Bratislava- I got this!!

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