Zvolen retreat day #1

We woke up to the most wonderful breakfast spread! I devoured it and thought I should take a pic of the nutroll to show to Great Grammy. The food in Slovakia has been wonderful so far.

Next, we realized that some of the sports things weren’t available right away so the moms marched the kids outside to walk the one mile to Zvolen Castle with some dissent.

We survived some snowballs along the way. Our partner family of all girls is getting an inside look at the daily antics of McCarthy boys.
Zvolen Castle

The castle was fantastic!

There were many 16th and 17th century art pieces.
There were some giggles but the art was more enjoyable with great company.
This picture was for Uncle Joe to show him how much he would have bonked his head.
Everyone, pleeease come take a picture with me??
Thank you!
The ceiling

We were about to leave when the employees urged us to go through one more door….

What a great way for kids to interact with the art!
The Bull Boys take on a castle.
I ❤️ Zvolen.

This kids were having so much (I had my “I told you so” moment) but we had to hustle back for lunch and gym time.

After a good dose of basketball and volleyball, the kids were ready for a few intense games of capture the flag. There were some hilarious moments!

We could not be more grateful to have this new friend family! They make everything more fun.

Defending the flag.
Ryan took this- he said it was his favorite court that he has ever played on.

Next up was bowling!

The dads finished up their day and thoroughly enjoyed the presentations. After a little down time (I hit the saunas…), we headed down for dinner. This was the appetizer!

Joe was mad I was taking a pic of Ryan.

Joe wanted to make sure that I mentioned that along with all we did today, he LEARNED TO TIE HIS SHOES! (Don’t judge me. He’s a third kid).

Dinner was once again so fun and delicious. Our big girls really engaged with the young Fulbright scholars tonight and the parents felt like we were seeing into our own daughters’ futures. We are with the nicest group of people!

Next, we headed back to the pool. One challenging aspect of parenting here is that Cannonballs/jumping into the pool along with loud noise is not allowed. If you know McCarthy children- this proves to be very difficult. However, after learning this last night, the agreement to go swimming again tonight included this contract. I wish I could post a video of my kids quietly swimming! Will they come back to America quiet children?!?

Our day was wonderful. We are looking forward to a field trip tomorrow to another small town and then V has a facial scheduled and I’m looking forward to a massage!

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