Serious Slovak adventures

I can’t believe how lucky we are to have been given these opportunities. Each day produces more memories and genuinely great laughs together.

The morning started with admiration for the enormous Slovak snowflakes!

Yep, he was cold and wouldn’t listen.

Then I made a dozen hard boiled eggs to bring on the retreat. John and I learned from our time in Poland that often trips like these do feed you great meals, but you don’t know when- so I wanted to have back up to avoid hangry kids. I love that these brown eggs come in huge quantities and are super affordable.

I needed to finish unpacking and then pack everyone up for 4 days. I have to admit that I was having a hard time getting a big suitcase back out. But, we managed and since the kids knew they had newfound friends, everyone was excited to go. We loaded onto a really nice tour bus and headed out of town. The weather and the topography was crazy similar to PA!!

One of the Fulbright scholars noticed Ryan’s Bucks hoodie and told us that he was an English professor at Marquette in the 80s-90s. It is such a small world.

We rolled up into Zvolen, the town where our retreat would be held. The complex is amazing- a total sports complex to accommodate any sport you can imagine, two pools, a hot tub, spa, bowling, etc etc etc. The kids were bursting with excitement.

We are so grateful to have another family here- we are the only ones with kids.
LOTTWBAIA #3 (list of things that wouldn’t be allowed in America)- a window with no screen that opens up to the roof. We are not telling Joe about this.

We only had a short time before our scheduled dinner, so we chose to explore the whole complex.

LOTTWBAIA #4 – full bar in the lobby of the sports complex – so they are enjoying drinks before or after exercising?

Joe saw the schedule of classes and begged to go to this class.


We had a little bit more time before dinner so the kids kept each other busy.

Dinner was called and we had no idea what to expect. It was the most delicious food! Our kids ended up being at the complete opposite end of the table from us and they all agreed to try everything served to them. This is still truly shocking for us. Joe loved the way the chicken was served so much that he came down and stole extra off of John’s plate.

After dinner, we were released from any obligations to enjoy the pool! The whole family prepped for the pool the same way but several unnamed McCarthys announced they would not allow pics for the internet.

The two consenting McCarthy children. The other two were extra hilarious. I wish you could see the shower shoes in the pics.

So off to the pool we went! There was a great locker room and as we headed out of it, V emerged from another door with wide eyes saying…I don’t think I’m allowed in there. See, there is a fantastic collection of different amazing saunas and dunk pools and ice buckets and lounge chairs by a fire and on and on paradise. However there is one caveat…swimsuits are strictly prohibited. 😆. We redirected all the small ones to the appropriate pools!

These felt like giant versions of the tubs we have in the birth center with all the changing lights.

Tomorrow will be filled with different sports, exercise and more fun! John is also looking forward to his conference. Dobrú noc!

3 thoughts on “Serious Slovak adventures

  1. You deserve this quality family time, a break from your hectic lives. Glad you are getting it. The apartment is amazing! Not what I expected for Europe (small & dark??)

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