Ahoj Bratislava!

We are so happy to be settled in our home for the next 5 months! The trip from Munich to Bratislava was interesting.

The morning started with the most amazing German engineering to fit all our luggage and 5 people in a small station wagon.

We then shared a lively train car full of German millennials in full party mode. The bonus was that the kids could be as loud as they wanted!

There were actual mishaps with our train tickets and our patience was tried the most it has been yet. Thankfully, the kids kept us focused on what great things lie ahead in Bratislava. And, seeing the Alps from the train was spectacular.

You might be able to see tiny hot air balloons
The ruling class in Hierarchy (King, Queen and Commoner). Joe is really improving his cards skills.

We found it really funny that our German partying mates also made a transfer in Vienna to come to Bratislava.

We decided to start a list of “things that wouldn’t be allowed in America….”

1. 100+ lbs of luggage unsecured and hanging over strangers heads. 🤞🏼for no bumps!

We couldn’t help but laugh that we have had nearly all blue skies (albeit cold) on this trip so far and as we left Vienna to travel into Slovakia, the skies turned completely dark and the cold rain started. We felt like “yes, we are arriving in European Pittsburgh.” I’d love to show you some pictures of our arrival, but the visibility was about 3 feet in front of us.

However, we did have a collective “WE MADE IT!”
Ryan immediately needed to try Slovakian meat upon arrival.

We made it to the address of our apartment and our most WONDERFUL realtor was there to greet us. She wouldn’t let anyone in the apartment until I struggled up to the 4th (but actually it is the 5th (!!) floor with a suitcase) so that we could see the apartment together for the first time.

Lucia, our beloved realtor but now our friend.

The apartment was so much better than the pictures! Every room opened up new and exciting features.

V’s room- completely redone with her in mind. Her new bed has USB ports and Bluetooth speakers (who knew that existed?!)
The boys room
Our living room (will need to be adjusted for McCarthy boys)
Our fully equipped kitchen
There is no toilet in this “bathroom”. Now I understand why they say toilet and bathroom separately. V has already had a bath and that washing machine is working!
Our bedroom with a balcony behind the curtains and sooo much closet space.
Second toilet
Our entryway and John’s dream shoe holders (#thisis40)
Fridge personalized immediately by Ryan.
Lucia asked to send a pic of us to our landlord.
Before leaving, we wanted Lucia to have something from our home.

Lucia then took us to the closest shopping center to grab a few essentials and we saw lots of coffee shops and quaint places along the way. We all housed some delicious food- John and I enjoying our first of many goulash meals.

We came back, struggled with our new keys and with a quick call to Lucia, managed to re-enter our apartment. Everyone got to unpacking, I managed my first volunteer committee call to the US from 10-11:30 pm our time and John got everyone to bed. He fell asleep with them.

We love our place and without knowing much, we already love this city. Tomorrow we will grab groceries, other necessities and finish settling in. Then John and I will have an informal meeting with the US ambassador and other Fulbright scholars while the kids hopefully figure out Netflix on our TV.

6 thoughts on “Ahoj Bratislava!

  1. The place looks great and you guys deserve medals for carting that luggage through this whole adventure. Ann, you are a champ for updating this blog every day in the midst of all this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks! I look forward to it- they make it so easy with an app on your phone and I’ll forget these things if I don’t write them down. I’ll take the medals on luggage though. 😆😘


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