Paris is….magical. John and I worried that traveling with the kids before arriving in Bratislava was a mistake but today proved us wrong.

We missed breakfast in our hotel which sounded delicious. But no worries, we are next to many bakeries. So everyone started with French macarons and delicious coffee.

We went straight to the Eiffel Tower. Thankfully (🥴), there is a “stairs only” option which delighted Joe. John and V hung in there till the first level and then they headed down. Joe, Ryan and I headed up to the highest possible level and the views and pictures are incredible. However, they won’t load tonight.

We showed the owner pics of PJ

After leaving the Eiffel Tower, we explored the surrounding neighborhoods and ate at a French restaurant.

French chicken nuggets
She loves cappuccino

Next, we walked to the arc du Triomphe. John gave us all another history lesson and one kid had a meltdown. (They do all take turns but they are generally mild).

We then felt like pros on the Paris trains so we headed to the Sacre-coeur Basilica. They call it the stairway to Heaven and the views were remarkable. Along the walk, V told us her “dream” of owning a beret.

She is loving Paris
Completion of her dream- a macaron in her beret (in actual Paris)

John and I feel like we are watching her grow up before our eyes. This picture was taken right after a sweet conversation between her and a French teenager where they shared their mutual jealousy for where each girl lives.
There has been continuous adoration since 1885 – we prayed for all our family and friends back home

Each of the kids lit a candle for our families.

We decided to enjoy more of Paris on foot and walked back to our hotel.

The dream got more elaborate with a crepe in a beret (we are officially suckers)
This is my favorite picture of the day because it was an ordinary moment. No one was fussing about the walk. The kids were telling funny stories and no one was fighting. I paused ahead of them and took this picture because I want to bottle up moments like these. (Not like the moment when Joe and Ryan were elbowing each other so hard near one of the relics in the Basilica).

Our hotel is next to a great neighborhood with many restaurants and bakeries. We allowed the kids to have some wind-down time and entrusted them to Veronica while John and I snuck out for some extraordinary French food and drink.

We put in over 8 miles of walking today and considering the last 5 packed days, everyone is holding up well. For those of you hoping for more fake poop pics, I have wanted them to be natural and not encourage Joe. A post will come with the fake poop in its natural states sometime in the future. In the meantime, love to all who are reading and following along. We miss our family and friends but are enjoying this time together.

8 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Wow
    Your descriptions are painting a great picture of your time together.
    You’re right. Veronica does look particularly more grown-up now.
    The boys too.
    Thanks for sharing this

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ann— love your stories and your pics. Thanks for taking the time to write to all of us. I noticed the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe…all around the globe!

    Liked by 1 person

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