Last day in NYC and time to fly!

We had a mellow last day in NYC. As we were packing up this morning, I realized that while I was proud of V for doing her own packing, her near 40 pairs of underwear (no idea she owned that many) were unnecessary – as well as a few other items. We were worrying about our suitcase weigh-in so we decided to send a package home to Pgh.

After our visit to the USPS, we headed on the subway to Central Park.

Ryan has been eating his way through NYC and this was a hit!
Elf reenactment (V up on the bridge)

It was really cold once again so we found refuge indoors, at a swanky Columbus Circle underground market/food hall/something yuppieish (not a single public bathroom to be found)

Joe at LUSH – having a “charcoal scrub.”

After a really lively cab ride filled with NBA talk, we arrived at JFK. Our suitcases all (barely) came in underweight! Although we are all really tired, we are ready to go. Well, if I’m being honest, the boys are having a hard time tonight ❤️

We look forward to our arrival in Paris tomorrow, hot showers and comfortable beds (and baguettes, wine and cheese).

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