NYC day #1

To begin, John and I both admit that (in their eyes) we ripped our kids away from their home, dog, family and friends for 5 months and then expected them to dive in happily to the intensity that is NYC. They are a little overwhelmed but rallied by walking over 6 miles today through SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown. One of my favorite things was watching them take in the extraordinary sights of NYC.

Both V and Ry had stores that they desperately wanted to see and they were able to blow some money they have been saving….

John assumed the duty of accompanying V to the store with the long line so she could buy a….lip gloss
He is the best- even attempting a selfie with her
Ryan visited a store where the NBA players buy their shoes. A very nice attendant let him try on these shoes priced for children of NBA stars. (He did not walk out of there with them).
Veronica’s photo
For those of you that know V- this one needs no caption
This one is for our friend Amy who is convinced that John will be misidentified as one of the mafia once we land in Eastern Europe.
Ryan and I ended the night by watching our Packers get pummeled. The good news?! We don’t have to try to stay up for a 1 am Packer Super Bowl.

Tomorrow will be packed with all the NYC tourist attractions!

4 thoughts on “NYC day #1

  1. GREAT photos, GREAT story, Ann. I’ll be following this GREAT adventure. (I don’t know if you know, but Mike and I took our eighth grader -at the time- on an eight month boat trip from Lake Erie to Bahamas). WE LOVE ADVENTURES!!!


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