Arrival in NYC! And pants and poop

I’d be lying if I said today was smooth sailing. This generally sums it up….

But we made it and had some genuinely great laughs along the way… just a few to mention here.

Just a pant leg hanging down above the McCarthys (that one just didn’t quite make it into a suitcase)

I went the bathroom on the train and caught a glimpse of Joe’s empty seat….

That is his favorite Christmas present from his sister- fake poop

The poop traveled to all places that Joe moved and I couldn’t help but to keep taking pictures. This may turn into a thing.

The poop also reminds us of PJ because yes…he chewed the poop

Doesn’t it scream 7 year-old boy?

We ended the night with some New York style pizza and cards in our hotel room. I’m hoping some good sleep will improve the general mood of the McCarthys. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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