2 hours into the first train ride of the trip and it is time for Veronica’s thoughts….

Mom: Veronica, what are you most looking forward to on this adventure?

Veronica: Paris.

Mom: What is it about Paris?

Veronica: It seems like it will be really pretty. Aunt Bev really loves it- the city in general.

Mom: What are your thoughts about NYC?

Veronica: I’m really excited. Can we go to Brandy Mellville today? I want to see Hamilton and Broadway. I want to go to on the boat ride in the package- a water tour of New York.

Mom: What do you think will be the hardest part of the trip?

Veronica: Leaving my friends and family and dog.

Mom: What are you most excited about?

Veronica: I don’t know. Im’ really excited about the bullet train and the plane ride. Is it going to be scary on the plane? This (the train ride) is really fun. I’m also really excited to come back and share the amazing experiences I have had. I’m going to be excited to see everyone and PJ again- I’m going to miss him so much. I want to go to the beaches in Croatia. I want to get a chocolate facial and a massage in Slovakia- does that sound reasonable? I am really excited to go shopping in New York. I saw a video on the Empire State building and the elevator is clear so I’m scared for that.

** pause to see the horseshoe curve, and for dad to give a history lesson on the curve. It was built in 1834 for those interested. During WWII, the Nazis were planning to blow it up because it was a famous engineering feat- a symbol of America. Do you know why it was built? Well, you know about the Erie Canal. It made NYC the biggest city in America. They tried to make a canal to Pittsburgh. The mountains were so big that you couldn’t go through them. So they made horseshoe curve to connect the two canals. Then they realized how expensive that was, so they built the railroad.

Mom: What do you think school in Slovakia will be like?

Veronica: Impossible. It is hard to make friends when you don’t speak the same language. I think I will walk around with a translator (on my phone). I want to play volleyball- it will be hard because I won’t speak the same language as the coach but it will be a really good experience.

Mom: What do you think about mom coming to school with you? (that’s the current plan)

Veronica: You’re not coming to school with me. You are only coming to school with Joe. Right?? Mom. Right?? Wait. Right? Mom. Actually??

Veronica: Here’s a picture of horseshoe- you can use it for the blog.

Horseshoe Curve near Altoona , PA

Mom: Let’s get back to it.

Veronica: How about I interview you now?

Mom: Ok

Veronica: What is the scariest part of moving to a different country for you?

Mom: The unknowns…where will we grocery shop? Will you eat the food? Will you (the kids) adjust to the big changes?

Veronica: Food- It depends. It’s questionable. Adjust- now feeling a little more exciting than scary. It is going to be an amazing experience that I’m going to remember for the rest of my life. DAD- there is the Mallow Cup factory! Mom- I’m done.

Mallow Cup Factory

One thought on “Veronica

  1. So good to hear from you v and Ryan look great and I love the conversation .We finished at the house and we’re leaving to go to see sister Marietta if you remember if you give us the address for Joe’s friend we will send him the shirt in the mail. Love you all sooooo much, mom


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