The Process of Leaving

My very good friend Katie took her family to South America for an entire school year a couple of years ago. She has been my go-to for advice about how to manage this adventure and time away from home. This was one of her last texts to me….

“I feel like I learned more in the process of leaving than I did by being away……”

I keep coming back to that thought. I have no idea what we will learn while we are away but I have learned so much already in the process of leaving. There have been such bittersweet moments in these last weeks and days. My heart is so full of love for the people in my life.

It hasn’t been easy- there are many logistical tasks and stressors. Unfortunately, diabetes doesn’t let me ever pay less attention so I had a sleepless night on Tuesday. Yesterday was my second to last day of work and I came home exhausted. After watching our Joe play a great basketball game, I was in bed early. This morning I was up early and ready to get one of my last runs in with my sweet friend Melissa and as I ran around putting my clothes on, I stumbled upon this…..

I almost cried. The necklace says “Rise Up” on it and it has been a mantra for me in the last year. Today I feel so grateful for the teenager that I have.

We are now staring down our last two days in Pittsburgh. Today is my last day of work, the kids last day of school and tonight our friends and family will gather for Ryan’s last basketball game, a tribute to our beloved St. Raphaels and then time together eating pizza and maybe having a beer. I want to soak in these moments with friends and family knowing that we have so much to look forward to when we go but also when we come back.

*update…Dad had a note too ❤️

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