This one is for our moms

We are 7 days away from departure! Our moms want to know the itinerary and maybe others do too….

Saturday, January 18th we set off on the train to NYC to take in the sights for three days.

Tuesday, January 21st, we leave on a jet plane at 11:30 pm on TAP airlines. We’ll have a short layover in Lisbon, Portugal and then off to Paris. We arrive in Paris around 4 pm their time.

We will stay in Paris for 3 nights, then off to Munich on January 25th. We aren’t sure if we will head straight to Bratislava on January 26th or 27th. Our apartment is ready for us on January 26th. On January 29th, we are headed to Zvolen for a retreat for Fulbright scholars. We understand that it will be pure fun for me and the kids. John will need to present his work and then have fun!

These last days are filled with cherished time with friends. John and I have been working hard to make our house clean and welcoming for our tenant. We’re pretty sure we have discovered enough change for dinner tonight!

Thanks for checking on us, asking how to help and keeping us in your thoughts. This experience has already shown us what a great community we are a part of and we will miss everyone while we are away!

2 thoughts on “This one is for our moms

  1. Dear Ann and John thanks for the itinerary it will be so wonderful to be able to follow your adventures and know where you are. Dad and i were always putting change in a piggybank. It came in handy many times. Love you dearly, mom


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