Traveling with diabetes and updates

Christmas was very special this year! We have so much anticipation for what is to come which infiltrates all that we do. Our family and friends gave us some very thoughtful gifts for traveling and our kids opened up new suitcases under the Christmas tree.

One highly anticipated gift from Santa was a cotton candy machine for Joe. Joe, being the sweet son that he is, shared his homemade treat with his diabetic mother leading to….the above. (Not pictured is the three ↑↑↑ on my continuous glucose monitor).

Which leads me to….how to travel with diabetes. I have to admit that I’m not always the most sensible diabetic. I visited my friend Ellen in Atlanta and took no insulin with me (to be fair, I brought it to work before my evening flight and left it in the refrigerator). I went to diabetes training camp ( with no back-up plan and had a pump failure. Thankfully Dr. Matt had long acting insulin with him that I could use until my pump was fixed.

For this trip, I am planning for every day of those 5 months. However, insurance and the pump/CGM company are not making it easy! I have been battling with them because they will not ship my supplies internationally AND they have not been willing to approve releasing my supplies before I go. After my 6 or 7th go round on the phone with them, the rep asked me if I had a family member that would get my supplies and ship them to me. It’s true, I have family that would do that but…..are you kidding me?! After having 3 different letters sent to my insurance company and my endocrinologist’s office calling, I finally have approval to release my supplies early. If only that were enough. Today they told me that they are having trouble overriding the system but they think they will be able to get me 5 months, not a day more, of supplies that I need. That leaves no room for error. And, for those of you who know diabetes, it is full of error! No worries everyone, I have been saving up some supplies. I am also renting a back up insulin pump for $50/month. AND, I have long acting insulin in two forms, a new glucagon pen (in case my blood sugar is dangerously low) and plenty of insulin for my pump. For once, I have planned as much as I possibly can for this stupid disease. No Slovakian hospital stays for me if I can help it!

In the end, how could I say no when he offered??

We have other good news – we found a CMU grad student to live in our house while we are away. PJ has also landed a foster home in our own neighborhood. We know he will be loved but we are going to miss him like crazy!

23 days and counting……

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