Our DC trip for VISAs

On December 4th, we embarked on a quick trip to Washington DC to obtain our VISAs. We had just returned from a wonderful, but tiring trip, to WI to see my family before we left the country and to celebrate Thanksgiving. The kids were excited to see DC, even though they knew it would be short. We arrived at our favorite fast food chain, Shake Shack and awaited our cousin Mary Beth. It was a lovely dinner of great company, delicious burgers and shakes!

After dinner, my good friend Julia recommended we see some sights at night. Even though it was cold, everyone was up for it.

We then settled into our hotel for a night of sleep before our (what we thought would be) exciting trip to the Slovak embassy the next morning.

We woke up early, headed to a bakery and walked to the embassy as it was opening. We explained to the kids that embassies were not governed by the US, therefore we were “leaving” US soil when we entered. They thought that was exciting.

As we entered the embassy, we were greeted by a very kind Slovak embassy employee. We provided all of our official documents and then…..we waited…..three hours….in a waiting room. It was, to say the least, anti-climactic. We improvised by playing a lot of tick-tack-toe and pictionary.

We had our pictures taken and Veronica, John and I were fingerprinted. When we were dismissed, they said they would keep our passports and we would hear in 2-4 weeks! We were not expecting that. Thankfully, it was only about a week before our passports arrived with VISA stamps! It was becoming very real.

While in DC, we also received a text from our real estate agent in Slovakia. They were working hard to prepare our flat and especially were focusing on Veronica’s bedroom. They sent this picture of our landlord shopping for V!

We feel so grateful to have found our real estate agent and landlord! It was a long, difficult road to finding a flat. But, we landed a place very close to old towne and the famous “blue church.”

We can’t wait to actually see the blue church!

Our departure is now 4 weeks away. We will be taking a train to NYC first to see a broadway show, take in the sights and take one last deep breath before we board the plane on January 21st to leave the US for 5 months.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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